İnstitutional Identity


he new logo of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra is a work done revising the previous logo. The CSO letters symbolizing the pipes of the pipes of the brass instruments in the old logo have been stylized and given a modern look. The four basic elements of classical music orchestras are symbolized by four circles.

Aiming to highlight the four piece layer defining the symphonic music, CSO underlines this approach in its new logo design. The new corporate identity work was designed by graphic and photography artist Çağrı Öner.

Movement, harmony, skill and discipline

The search for a new form, aiming to pay homage to the connotation of the old logo designed in the seventies, emphasized the method of expressing a holistic index rather than the formal existence of a concrete instrument. The new logo design, which emerged by associating the orchestra structure consisting of bowed string, brass, woodwinds and percussion instruments with the concepts of movement, harmony, skill and discipline, was enriched with a strong color palette and font type in order to reconcile the historical mission of the orchestra with its future vision. The logo, designed in copper / bronze yellow and sharp auxiliary colors surrounding the body of the tympani, which is the only instrument inherited from Anatolia to world music, refers to the line of modernity by integrating with the Futura typeface created during the years when the Presidential Symphony Orchestra moved to Ankara.

 Visual Identity Guide

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CSO Logo


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   Ministry of Culture and Tourism Logo


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